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I would like to take this opportunity to introduce Nunso to the gay community.
My name is Andre Du Plessis founder of Nunso.
Nunso is an established National Union for our LGBTQ community. The goal of Nunso is to give our gay community the best professional service ever. To guide our members educate them and to show them how to stand up for themselves. Nunso is not about themselves but the needs of our members to be respected in the community and at there workplace. We at Nunso want to show them that they not the prison of there lives but the architecture of there future. We are proud to and honored and privileged that Nunso are the first Union that will have the advantage to prove to the world, that the LGBTQ stand for dignity respect and there right to be. The LGBTQ are the true essence of standing together with so much love and passionate to make that small difference. Our dream is to move forward to go international and as one nation we can make it possible. We at Nunso will walk that extra mile to prove to each member how passionate we really are.​

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