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We are all family


Our vision

We will unite all of our members into one strong union that adapts to changing surroundings while bringing inspiration and innovation to every LGBTI community in the world.

We strive towards building a world where no-one will have to feel like a prisoner in his/her own body, but as an architect of his/her future. 

We aim at creating every opportunity for members to lead in their communities and at their place of employment.

About Us


To secure and promote fairness, safety, diversity and dignity for every member. To champion labour and human rights and serve the needs of the members through dynamic resources and services.
We are dedicated to the highest quality of service delivered with a sense of warmth, friendliness, individual pride and LGBTI-spirit.

When you become a member we help you with your legal problems concerning sexual discrimination or assault because of your sexual orientation within the workplace or in public.

FREE - Registration
Then R75/pm membership.
(When we launch)
No hidden costs.


These are the services offered to our members

  • Negotiations of wages and salaries
  • Labour Relations
  • Preparations of employment contracts
  • Preparations of agreements
  • Protection of members
  • Legal advice and exercising their rights
  • Workshops for Nunso member includes shop stewards

Love is a human experience, not a political statement.”

– Unknown

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